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About Max Packaging

An industrial packaging distributor with a reputation built on custom solutions and quality service, Max Packaging has established itself as a full-service distributor for a wide variety of industries, including mining and machinery, electronics and food. We specialize in:

  • Custom corrugated boxes
  • Stock cartons
  • Stretchfilm
  • Shrink films: shrink bags from 26-100 inches & flat stock
  • Specialty VCI products
  • All packaging related equipment
  • Custom pallets
  • Foam-in-place

We’ve provided solutions for products from 2lbs to 2 million pounds. Whatever your need, we have an answer.

Why use Max Packaging?

We have grown a loyal base of customers through the simple philosophy of putting our customer first. We offer programs and packaging to help our customers succeed at every level of the manufacturing and supply chain. Here are just a few of the reasons why customers use Max Packaging:

Our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Program

Built to solve space, budget and cash flow challenges, our VMI program helps our customers succeed every day. This turnkey management program helps customers achieve just-in-time (J.I.T.) inventory systems. With a dedicated purchase order (P.O.), Max Packaging will stock up to 3 months’ worth of inventory of your packaging at our location for free. Here’s why our customers love this program:

  • Opens up storage space: We can solve all of your storage issues related to packaging. For customers that lack storage space at their facility, this is a huge advantage to doing business with Max Packaging.
  • No Stocking fees: Customers are not charged to store their packaging at our location.
  • Opens up cash flow: With other VMI programs, you’re required to pay for the full order up front. With our VMI program, you pay as you pull from our warehouse, whether it’s a couple pieces at a time or the whole load.
  • Makes budgeting easier: Whether overall monthly budgeting or allocating expenses to specific runs/batches, this program helps our customers keep their costs in check and allows for more accurate allocation of non-variable costs.
  • Next Day or Same Day Delivery: We can deliver the next day or even same day requests for our customers.
  • Increases supply chain efficiency: There’s no waiting for days or weeks for packaging to arrive, and Max Packaging delivers such outstanding service that it makes scheduling manufacturing runs much easier for our customers.
  • Maximizes efficiency in day-to-day manufacturing output: Since you can pull exactly what you need on a day-to-day basis, you can flex your manufacturing run to maximize efficiency, which results in higher profitability for you.

Customized Solutions

At Max Packaging, our first step is to listen to our customers, assess the needs for your packaging and supply chain, and then recommend the best option for you. With our in-house design lab, if we think customized packaging makes more sense for you, we’ll design it from start to finish.

Real World Testing

We can test customized packaging to make sure they stand up to weather and all of the normal issues of transportation. Compression, impact, vibration and shock tests are conducted to determine how the packaging and product stand up in shipping and handling environments. Products and packaging are monitored for temperature variance and are even confined to a temperature humidity chamber to simulate real transportation conditions.

Outstanding Service

Our top priority is providing outstanding service for our customers, from start to finish and beyond. We strive to ensure that every interaction with us is pleasant, productive and profitable. Our professional staff is easily accessible, with no voice menus and easy direction to the account manager that works with you every step of the way. We provide next day and same day delivery service for our customers, ensuring quick turnaround of requests and making it easier for our customers to do business. Our job is to make your job easier.

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